How We Price Our Jobs at Essex Loft Conversions

At Essex Builders, we supply in-house quotation by using the state-of-the-art technology, Easy Price Pro, the UK’s No. 1 construction Estimating Software.

Our adoption of Easy Price Pro results from our experience and versatility using the manual or traditional approach. We use the industry standards over 20 years’ experience to determine the materials and time required to complete any given building job.

For small scheduled jobs requiring minimal work or manpower, we base our pricing on hourly rate while more extensive jobs require a more thorough approach that involves correct estimation of the prices of materials, required labour and other contingencies.

1. Our Approach to a Project Quote

Before we set our rate at Essex Builders, we always figure out how to pay our bills and still be as competitive as ever. We base our pricing on the job minimum at one or two hours and compare with the standard block of time like five hours for laying a certain number of blocks or concrete flooring.

In most cases, we ask to examine the project site (depending on the nature of the job) to assess its general condition and determine how easy or difficult it may be to get at. It is this kind of challenging situation that quickly adds unforeseen work hours to a job that will increase the charges for our clients or a loss or profit for us.

2.  We Factor in Extraordinary Expenses

We offer than not, it is easier to explain basic materials and fixtures to our clients than other likely expenses ass explained below. These are common elements that are factored in, in the quote for a job. Each of them adds significant expenses that are meant to be covered by the quote.

a. On-site Removal of Debris

Right from the start of a project to completion, there is need to remove debris from the site, to make the site safe and have free working space.

b. Correction of Existing Building Code Violation

This relates to we are working on older structures. We have to include this as an additional expense.

c. Protection of Homeowner’s Other Property

In the process of completing a job like loft conversions that require removing some part of the roof, we have to protect the owner’s properties from water damage. That cost also has to be provided for.

3. One Simple Formula

The basic approach for pricing a residential building construction, loft conversion, and home extension is to price materials and estimate the likely time to complete the job and add a percentage for the overhead and include our profit. While it seems so simple, it requires a lot of work to arrive at those figures. However, it is our business; we face it head-on.

4. Adoption of Easy Price Pro

Having worked for over 20 years, we have undertaken hundreds of similar projects that ended up with near cost. As a result, we have ready-made quotes based on different requirements, sizes, the scope of work and other factors. Going by this situation, we have created templates for each type of project.

Considering the benefits, flexibility, convenience, and less paperwork that Easy Price Pro offers, we decided to adopt it as a pricing application for our projects. Immediately, we customized the software to meet our requirements for easy access and preparation of quotes for our clients.

With Easy Price Pro, pricing just got better! Easy Price Pro is a cutting-edge technology for building and construction pricing. It is a highly professional application that is perfect for our industry. It helps to reduce the time required to provide clients with a quote for their projects. Ultimately, Easy price Pro is cloud-based – it can be accessed from anywhere. Consequently, we can give you a quote for your project right there on the project’s site using this application.

Contact Essex Builders for your construction project, feed us with basic information and receive a quote within a few minutes. At Essex Builders, we care about you.