Loft Conversions in Essex

In most cases when you need extra usable space in your home, it is better and a lot cheaper to move up in the loft and convert the existing roof space than moving into a new apartment. Several people think that looking for a more spacious apartment for rental or purchase is a better idea when their present home becomes crowded or can no longer meet their space requirement. As a result, they miss out on the immense benefits that their roof space offers.

Essex loft conversions are a home improvement that meets many needs and offer many benefits. Let us take a look at what you stand to gain by opening up your roof space.

1. Save on Cost of Moving

The cost of moving into a new apartment keeps increasing every year. You have to consider the cost of the property, estate agent fees, solicitors fees and stamp duty that keep growing every time. However, Essex loft conversions allow you to stay in the same home with extra space without you having to find a new job or new commute to work, move your children’s school and undergo the stress of packing.

2. Avoid Buying a New Property

Essex loft conversions help you to avoid spending a lot of money or exhausting your saving to buy a new property. The cost of converting your loft is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new property. A new property comes with its expenses. You would need to renovate the property to your taste. The cost of revamping a newly bought property includes the cost of electrical repairs, cost of a new roof, basement waterproofing, servicing and repairs of the HVAC system, landscaping, kitchen, and bathroom remodelling (including the installation of countertops and cabinets) and painting. The overall cost of bringing the building to your standard could amount to hundreds of thousand pounds.

Meanwhile, you could go for Essex loft conversions at a cheaper rate compared to buying a property, and also without stress.

3. Avoid Estate Agency Fees

In purchasing a new property, you cannot avoid going through estate agencies, and it comes at a cost. Estate agency fees are usually quoted excluding or including VAT which, at present, stands at 20%. As a result, the agency fees and VAT will be factored in the cost of buying a home. The fees and VAT in their thousands of pounds will drive the overall price up. You can avoid this cost altogether by hiring an Essex loft conversions company to convert your roof space without breaking the banks.

4. Avoid Solicitor’s Fees

Moving in London could be costly when you add up the property costs, estate agent’s fees, and the fees that a conveyancing solicitor will charge. The solicitor’s fees are charged on the time spent and work carried out from the start of the buying process to the completion day. The cost of conveyancing depends on the property cost. In addition, you will be required to pay disbursements, which are all the extra charges you will be required to pay to the solicitor at the end of the purchasing process.

Essex loft conversions, apart from the convenience its offers, when compared to moving, saves you a lot of money and stress.

5. Avoid Stamp Duty Fees

The property solicitor you hired should file this return for you. It is part of the cost of buying a new property. If you did not hire a solicitor that offers a fixed fee conveyancing quote, you might have to pay for stamp duty fees separately and face other nasty surprises and hidden fees. Meanwhile, you do not need to pay stamp duty fees when you choose Essex loft conversions.

You stand to benefit greatly by converting your existing roof space to a liveable or usable space. The cost of buying a new home with all its expenses are massive and might not be a prudent option given the present state of the economy and the lower price of Essex loft conversions.

Choose Essex Loft Conversions, Choose Us

You can always have your loft converted by a professional Essex loft conversions company that charges reasonable and competitive prices. When you choose us for your loft conversions, we will complete the project on time and stay within budget.

Hiring us for your Essex loft conversions, you will be able to have more space in your present home without moving out. You will be able to stay in the same home, the same neighbourhood where you have had a lot of memories and history. Besides, you will enhance the value of your home and save you hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Obviously, Essex loft conversions are cheaper than moving. And we assure you of topnotch loft conversion that will meet your space needs and offer you an enhanced experience with your home. If you are caught in-between loft conversions and moving, consider the COST of moving and choose a more favourable option – Essex loft conversions.