Types of Essex Loft Conversions
There are three major types of Essex loft conversions – dormer loft conversions, hip to gable loft conversions, and mansard loft conversions.

How We Price Our Jobs at Essex Loft Conversions1. Dormer Essex Loft Conversions
This is the most commonly installed Essex loft conversions. They are the extension to the existing roof and create additional floor and headspace within the newly converted space. Dormer Essex loft conversions usually have straight walls with a horizontal ceiling going against the slanted walls.
One of the reasons for the popularity of dormer Essex loft conversions is that they are versatile and go with any style or design of the home.
Another reason for the suitability of Dormer Essex loft conversions is the seamless creation of staircase that is fitted directly above the existing staircase fittings.

Loft Conversions in Essex
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Moreover, Dormer Essex loft conversions do not require planning permission before they can be designed.
Dormer Essex loft conversions are in three styles – a flat roof dormer, side dormer on a hipped ended house, and lead clad dormers on front elevations.
2. Hip to Gable Essex Loft Conversions
This type of Essex loft conversions is typical of semi-detached or detached buildings. This type of home improvement is accessible when a house has three slanting sizes on its roof.
Usually, hip to gable Essex loft conversions involves an extension of the roof to create more space within the loft. However, all kinds of changes made to the home externally will be fitted and blended with previous aspects of the home to create a more appealing view. To avoid planning permission, consider suiting your Essex loft conversions to one of the three styles of Dormer Essex loft conversions.

Loft Conversions in Essex3. Mansard Essex Loft Conversions
This types of Essex loft conversions involve an extensive work because of considerable scale work needed. Planning permission is always required for the loft conversion because it involves a significant modification to the roof structure of a building.
One advantage of Mansard Essex loft conversions is that more usable space can be created more than what is possible with Dormer and Hip to Gable Essex loft conversions.
Another appealing fact is that mansard Essex loft conversions are more attractive than other types.